Tips to stay zen on the D-Day

Preparations, choosing the dress, the place, the caterer.... All this is settled, now it's time to celebrate! Here are some tips to make the most of the day while remaining zen. Don't stay up too late the night before. You will still have a lot of things to do and a lot of stress, but make sure you sleep early. Nothing beats a good night's sleep to be in shape on D-Day! Don't focus on the weather. Is it going to rain? Anyway, you can't change anything about it, so don't make it an obsession. No matter the weather, your wedding will take place and your guests will be happy, that's all that matters. Enjoy the preparations. They are the calm before the storm! Take advantage of this moment of complicity with your loved ones to laugh, relax and enjoy the "before wedding". Moreover, why not accompany this moment with a glass of champagne and small delicacies? Delegate. It is not up to you to check the photographer's arrival time or to remind the caterer of the agreed service. Remember to get help from a trustworthy person to ensure the smooth running of the day.... Whether it is a wedding planner, your best friend or your mother, this person will be able to manage for you. Close your eyes on the little failures. Keep in mind that marriage is still a celebration, your celebration. Even if one or more people would invite themselves, it will not prevent the day from being magical. Relativize, and everything will be fine! Put your brain on OFF and your emotions on ON. As soon as the machine is started, don't think about anything else! Tell yourself that this is the time and live it to the fullest. Don't forget to take time for all your guests. As a real star, you will be solicited from all sides. A short time spent with each guest to thank them for their presence and share a time of complicity with them will give them a pleasant memory in their minds. Remember to eat. This advice is silly, but stress and too many emotions give the impression of having a full stomach... It's only an impression, so try to swallow something even if you don't want to. First of all because you will need energy to experience the event to the end, then because you will regret not having enjoyed your banquet in hindsight! Set aside a little time for yourself as a lover. No matter when you choose in the day, it will allow you to take the step you have just taken together, to tell each other how much you love each other and to drink just the two of you to your new life! Enjoy every moment. You must have heard it several times, but the day is going by at a crazy speed. Once the guests arrive, it will no longer be time to adjust the last details, but to let go and let yourself go!

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