Rent a wedding dress?

The most beautiful day of your life is fast approaching. Now you must choose the dress that will brighten up this wonderful day. But, between budget and love at first sight, you hesitate between the various solutions. Should I buy or rent my wedding dress?

The purchase of a custom wedding dress

The purchase of a custom wedding dress is the option that gives you the most freedom. You will be able to choose the model, fabric and accessories. In addition, the model will be perfectly adapted to your morphology. This is a unique dress that will never have been worn and will be designed just for you. The major disadvantage of this solution is the purchase price of the outfit, which can be particularly high.

Buying a wedding dress in a specialist store

Nowadays, buying a wedding dress in a specialty store is the most common option. It makes it possible to obtain a relatively wide range of models and materials. You therefore have a significant freedom in your choice. You can also be advised, in your purchase, by specialists, who will be able to guide you towards the models most adapted to your morphology. The dress you acquire will never have been worn and will only belong to you. This solution is generally the best price-quality ratio, although it depends on the choice of clothing.

Renting a wedding dress

As the crisis passes, many people are paying attention to their expenses. Unfortunately, this is also true in the case of marriages. You can therefore choose to rent a wedding dress in order to drastically reduce costs. Contrary to popular belief, wedding dresses, for rent, are generally in very good condition. Indeed, these are either dresses that have already been worn and that come from a specialized store, or completely new dresses that come from destocking. In any case, the number of models available is often limited. The dress will not be yours and will be worn by other people. However, it is the most economical formula. Choosing to rent or buy your wedding dress reflects both a budgetary concern and the tastes and convictions of each person. All formulas have advantages and disadvantages, it is only a matter of opinion.

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