How to choose your wedding planner?

Some brides choose to organize their wedding entirely themselves, and sometimes go so far as to make DIY elements. On the other hand, other couples prefer to entrust the preparations to professionals in order to get rid of this tedious part and obtain an unforgettable wedding.

A closer look at the wedding planner

A wedding planner is a wedding organizer who offers a service that allows you to have an original, unique and personalized wedding. In short, THE wedding that suits you and that you have always dreamed of. These professionals are more and more numerous, because the preparations for a wedding are not easy. Thus, some couples prefer to delegate the organization of this great day in order to reduce their stress related to this event. In addition, most of the current bride and groom want a great celebration that everyone will remember for a long time. That's why using a wedding planner can be a good idea to make this important evening a success. In short, the wedding planner takes care of the wedding planning from A to Z, dispels your doubts, and embodies the person you can rely on for the preparations, and this until the big day.

Some precautions to take

It is essential to choose a serious, attentive and professional wedding planner so that your wedding does not turn into a disaster. Thus, you should be wary of people who claim to be wedding planners but do not have the skills to do so. Indeed, since there is no legal text regulating this profession, anyone can call themselves a wedding planner. So, before entrusting the organization of your wedding to a wedding planner, start by checking that he has a SIRET number. Also consult its website to get a first impression. At this stage, it is already possible to judge the professionalism and quality of the agency. Then, search the Internet to find opinions by focusing on social networks, forums, blogs... Finally, to find a competent and professional agency, you can rely on specialized magazines and word of mouth simply. In addition, the wedding planner's membership in the Association of Wedding Consultants (ASSOCEM) can be a guarantee of quality, as this association defines a code of ethics that members must respect.

Elements for making a choice

Before going to meet with an agency specialising in wedding organisation and after checking its legitimacy, make an initial selection based on operating methods, types of organisation, experience in the field, number of weddings organised, number of people on the team, number of meetings planned, number of hours of attendance on D-day, price, invoicing method, partners of the agency, etc. This information is generally available on the wedding planners' websites. You can also contact them by phone to get more information and answers to your questions. Following this step, you should see more clearly and be attracted by a few agencies that best meet your expectations.

The first meeting

After having pre-selected the agencies that particularly attract you (at least two), ask for a first appointment. During this meeting, you will be able to get a more precise idea of the organizer, and confirm or deny your first feeling. It is essential that you have a good feeling with the wedding planner, because the collaboration will not be satisfactory if you do not succeed in getting along and trusting him/her, which could have a negative impact on your marriage. Thus, your final choice must be made with an agency and people with whom you feel comfortable, who provide you with sound advice and who precisely meet your expectations, because you will work together for several months. Now it's up to you to choose your wedding planner!

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