Choosing the right bridal bun: advice and ideas

The bridal bun is the most popular hairstyle for weddings. Simply because it can take on various forms and aspects, adapting to many styles: chic, bohemian, romantic etc.... However, choosing the right wedding bun is not easy. So how can we not be wrong?

Choosing the right bridal bun according to the shape of your face

Bride-to-be, you will probably think about your wedding hairstyle months before D-Day. Some will spend hours on their Pinterest or Instagram to find THE bridal bun of their dream. However, the bun style of your dreams may not be the one that best suits your face - so make sure the shape of your bun fits your morpho-type. In general, most people are divided into five main facial shapes: oval, round, heart, square and diamond. Each shape has its own type of bun.

The wedding bun for an oval face

A prominent chin or a wide forehead are usually the two main characteristics of the oval face. The cheeks are often thin, which gives the face an elongated shape in its entirety - a face longer than it is wide. Your bun should be able to rebalance this so that it looks more proportionate. Choose a style that will break the length of the face from above: a fringe is ideal, it can be thick (to enhance your look) or more discreet. Add width to your face by thickening it on the sides with sets of curls or strands that will dress your face. Feel free to wear a flower wreath or hair accessory at the temples to garnish your face and give it thickness. Avoid wearing accessories on the top of the skull such as a tiara, which will make your face even longer from above. Avoid very plated buns, prefer a blurred bun. Avoid wearing the buns very high on the head.

The round face

The good news about the round face is that it looks younger than it really is. So ladies, if you have a baby face, surely you'll be given years less! Two options are available to you: You can cultivate the doll side of your face by choosing a clearly romantic bun that will accentuate the softness of your face. In this case the wavy bun is ideal. Or you can decide to counteract this by choosing a bun that will thin your face and break its youthful side a little. In all cases it is preferable to: Choose a fuzzy bun model, with highlights around the face. Choose high buns to visually lengthen the face. Try a long, tapered strand on the forehead to break the roundness of the face. Avoid tight and ultra smooth buns. Avoid wearing a fringe, as it will shorten your face, which will appear rounder. Forget the parting in the middle that visually brings out the cheeks.

The square face

Les visages carrés sont forts, anguleux et puissants. Votre chignon de mariée doit pouvoir contrebalancer cela par une touche de douceur.
  • Optez pour un chignon avec des ondulations et des boucles pour ajouter de la féminité et de la douceur à votre visage.
  • Essayez la raie au milieu, car cela aidera à briser la largeur du visage.
  • Essayez une frange longue jusqu’aux sourcils pour équilibrer les angles.
  • Evitez les chignons serrés et plaqués sur les tempes.
The square faces are strong, angular and powerful. Your bridal bun should be able to counterbalance this with a touch of softness. Choose a bun with waves and curls to add femininity and softness to your face. Try the parting in the middle, as it will help to break the width of the face. Try a long fringe up to the eyebrows to balance the angles. Avoid tightly fitting buns that are plated on the temples.

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