Colliers à fleurs pour chien : la tendance mariage insolite !

For your wedding, you have a thousand things to think about: the place, the date, the invitations, the wedding outfit, the decoration, the guest list, the seating plans, the wedding rings, the speeches, the ballroom entrance... In the middle of all these preparations, it is not unusual to neglect the one who is nevertheless a choice guest: the pet. I make you discover or rediscover this unusual trend: the dog collar with flowers for weddings.

Why put a flower necklace on your dog for his wedding?

The dog is an important companion animal in our lives, so it is only natural that it should be part of the wedding. It is always a sensation there. Why would you put a floral necklace on him?

For a touch of originality

As someone who is very interested in wedding trends, I must admit that the dog flower necklace is one of the most original I have ever discovered. It is the small detail that makes all the difference, truly including the animal in the procession.

For unforgettable wedding photos

Your dog, adorned with his floral necklace, will be ready for an unforgettable photo shoot. At your side or even alone, he will be sublimated on unforgettable pictures.

To make the guests fall in love

The dog has a kind of natural aura, it attracts attention. With his necklace, he will be even more irresistible, and all your guests will love him. Be careful, he might steal your spotlight. Simply because you're bitten by your four-legged friend! If you're a fan of your doggie, I'm sure you'll fall for these pretty flower necklaces, both comfortable and aesthetic.

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