How to make an original church or town hall outing?

When you get married, there is often the mandatory step of leaving the church or town hall. Traditionally, guests throw rice at the bride and groom to celebrate this moment. However, it may seem too "common" to you, or even a little outdated (and the rice in your eyes hurts!). Don't panic, to help you, discover some ideas for an original, economical and ecological outing to the church or town hall.

A church outing with a procession of ribbons on sticks

To stay sober and glamorous, you can distribute ribbons to your guests to stir them up when you get out of the wedding. If the latter are hung on rods, they can simply shake them without having to throw them. In addition to a certain originality, you avoid leaving a trace of your passage on the square in front of the church or in front of the town hall.

Flower petals on the bride and groom in paper cones

For a romantic outing, you can distribute flower petals in kraft or cardboard paper cones to your wedding guests. Many will opt for white, but it is also possible to choose pastel colours for a colourful output. If you decide to opt for this type of wedding outing, I still advise you not to take too small petals. Indeed, you will have difficulty removing them from your hairstyle when large ones can be easily removed.

Biodegradable tissue paper confetti

Opt for the idea of dried flower petals because they are biodegradable by nature, but you can also opt for a release of tissue paper confetti for your church or town hall outing.

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