2019 wedding hairstyle trend: place for bohemian, retro-chic and rock

Published on : 18 June 20194 min reading time

Gone are the days when bridal hairstyles were just a banana bun or a few British hairstyles. Brides-to-be today allow themselves all the audacity!

Which hairstyle for which bride?

The choice of a wedding hairstyle is determined by several factors: the length of your hair, its texture, its colour and of course your taste! Another element not to be neglected is the one of your dress. Very often, if you seek advice from a hairdressing professional, this is the first question they will ask you, but first of all, keep in mind that this hairstyle (like make-up!) must first and foremost correspond to you. You must feel comfortable!

Hair length and type: Do you dream of a bun but have short hair? Unless you’re ready to consider a toupee, you’ll have to give it up. If you have long, straight hair, you can afford anything. If they are curly, it is then preferable to prefer an attached hairstyle with the possibility of leaving the hair blurred at the back. But you can also fall for a bohemian hairstyle, with a crown of fresh flowers that will look great with wavy or curly hair.

The dress: If the dress is the central element of your silhouette on the wedding day, the hairstyle is far from being a detail! The two must be perfectly matched and enhance each other. It is therefore important to pay attention to certain details by avoiding, for example, a semi-attached hairstyle or loose hair if you have a bare back. With a bohemian dress where lace blossoms, a slightly blurred bun will perfectly match.

Wedding hairdressing: using a pro or doing it alone?

If you have the opportunity, using a professional who will travel home on D-Day is the ideal solution. A good way to relax and stay in your little cocoon with your witness rather than running right and left, taking (in addition!) the risk of being stuck in traffic jams when you get home. Of course, you will have done several tests beforehand to choose the perfect hairstyle, tests that are usually included in the wedding package. Above all, dare to express yourself if you do not like what you are being offered.

Another possibility is to do your own hair or ask your witness to learn how to do your wedding hairstyle. Many salons now offer this service but you can also find very well made tutorials on the internet. Be careful, however, to anticipate well… And to train yourself in order to avoid the nervous breakdown on the day because the haircut is finally too complicated to do.

This year, three trends stand out in particular. There’s no way you can’t find your happiness!

The bohemian style: It has been on the rise for several years, but the bohemian style is still on the rise in 2019! Semi-attached hairstyle, delicate wavy, fuzzy bun that you will decorate with a floral accessory or a pretty golden barrette: we love these natural hairstyles very “beautiful of the fields”.

Retro-chic style: This style is perfect if you’re looking for a classic hairstyle with a touch of madness! Unlike the bohemian style, which favours fuzzy hairstyles and small locks flying in the wind, retro-chic hairstyles are smoother. This does not prevent you from magnifying them with a pretty comb or a veil.

Rock style: More and more brides are succumbing to rock style for their wedding hairstyle. Elvis-style buns, hair-destroying effect, unstructured braids, we love these original and very feminine hairstyles.

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